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Arabic Cultural Studies Program Foundation

HFC Foundation - Arab Cultural Studies Program Development Fund

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A separate account under the HFC Foundation has been established for the purpose of supporting the ACSP mission and goals.

HFC Employees

HFC faculty who wish to contribute through to the HFC Foundation / ACSP Fund through payroll deductions can request the required form from the Director of the ACSP. The director will provide the appropriate forms to the faculty member, collect them, and submit them to the Foundation. To make a one time contribution, please read the information below.

General Donors

All contributions to the ACSP should be by a check made out in the following manner:

HFC Foundation - Arab Cultural Studies Program Development Fund--Acc. -P0043.
Contributions to the ACSP should be sent to Dr. Michael Daher, Director, Arab Cultural Studies Program -- who will deposit them in the Foundation Account.

Mailing Address
Dr. Michael Daher
Henry Ford College /English Division
5101 Evergreen Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48128